What is a very good residence fitness machine to eliminate bodyweight and work on my abs?

Question by Prototype – Acknowledge A Beast When You See One: What is a excellent home fitness machine to drop bodyweight and operate on my abs?
I was searching at P90X but idk what i ought to get, can anyone suggest me any good property fitness gear?

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Solution by joE4
Right here is a online video of workouts — no gear required. You can do three or all of the exercise routines 15 to 20 minutes session 2 or three times a week.


For abs, these 2 exercise routines — bicycle crunch and leg-raise:
http://www.youtube.com/look at?v=1TUquBnXi_A
http://www.youtube.com/look at?v=LFcY-As6UDA

Start sluggish ‘cuz these are not as simple as they appear. For very first two weeks , do as much as you can for 30 or forty seconds then relaxation 1 moment. Do an additional 30 seconds rest 1-moment. Do one more thirty-seconds.

For third month and ahead, enhance the exercising time (but preserve the 1-moment relaxation).

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