What type of teas and fitness waters are in fact excellent for you?

Query by pinkpanthergrrrrr: What sort of teas and fitness waters are really very good for you?
I drink propel fitness water when I function out and other then that I only drink straight water the relaxation of the time. I sometimes have a mountain dew or alcoholic beverages. But in terms and conditions of all the flavored drinking water drinks out there(lifewater, vitamin drinking water, etc) and the eco-friendly teas(too several manufacturers to record), which one of them are healthy to consume? Or really should I just stick with plain drinking water.

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Answer by booncome.com
Just adhere to simple water. All that other things is just hoopla. You will not even want to take in athletics beverages like gatorade unless of course you are working intensely for more than an hour. Save your money.

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